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  1. Common Health Problems in Dogs

    May 24, 2012 by

    A dog owner gets to share his or her life with a loyal and the most loving companion, which also entails, taking good care of him and helping him live a long and healthy life. By good care of your dog means having time to notice everything about him and being alert to any change in his health and behavior. Health issues differ from breed to breed, however, there are some health problems which are common to every breed.

    Some common health concerns in dogs

    Canine parovirus is known to be a very contagious virus and it is usually spread through faeces. Since this virus lives for two weeks in them, your dog will be at risk, if he goes beyond his yard for walks. This virus can even be fatal if not treated promptly. Dog owners are advised to get their dogs vaccine against it. Some symptoms associated with parovirus include bloody diarrhea, fever, vomiting, lack of appetite and lethargy. When these symptoms are seen, you should take your dog to the vet immediately as this is the only way to save his life.

    Skin problems commonly occur in most dogs, irrelevant of their breed. This is generally caused by fleas, grass or allergy. Most dogs start getting such problems from one year to three years of age. The symptoms for skin problems include itching, bumpy and red rashes on the skin, rubbing and biting the skin around its paws and stomach along with rubbing around the eye area. If this is not treated immediately, skin infections may occur. The treatment for it, includes injections, topical lotions as well as flea repellent.

    Around one among five dogs are known to suffer from arthritis or joint problems. This condition is known to be more common in large breeds like, German Shepherds, Labradors and Retrievers. This generally, happens due to age, weight and genetics. Dogs with joint problems walk very stiffly, they do not allow owners to touch them and have swollen joints. This problem in dogs is treated by anti-inflammatory medication, some gentle exercises and by making them eat nutritional food.

    Canine Distemper is considered to be one of the dangerous viruses in the world, which has killed around 80% puppies.  It is also contagious like the parovirus and spreads through dog urine, faeces and from the secretions from the respiratory system. Even if any puppy survives this virus, it may become paralyzed partially or have no sense of smell, hearing or sight. The symptoms of canine distemper vary, though commonly, dogs infected with this have very bad cold and high fever. Vaccination is available for this virus and most dog owners give their dogs this vaccine every year as a preventive method.

    Some breeds are very prone to particular disease than the others. For instance, breeds like Great Dane commonly have problems like hip dysplasia, while slipping kneecaps or Luxating Patella is commonly seen in dogs like Boston Terrier and the English Toy Spaniel. Whenever you notice any signs of some of these common health problems in dogs, you should take them to the vet for diagnosis and cure.