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  1. Snookie Recommmends HCG Diet

    October 12, 2011 by

    Dr A.T.W Simeons came up with the diet in the 1950s which he got from pregnant mothers. It might be funny but the diet work wonders in cutting down weight and it took Dr. Simeons many years of research to come up with a perfect diet plan with minimal dangers to the health of the user.

    He also developed guidelines on how to use the hormone diet which is still used to date for perfect results.

    Snooki recently shocked her viewers when she appeared on TV having lost several pounds. This was unusual of any diet plan or even exercising schedule to achieve within such a short time. Therefore when her fans and friends inquired of her secret, Snooki said that she has been using HCG diet to manage her weight and maintain that sexy body. She hinted that another celebrity friend of hers JWOWW introduced her to the diet plan that has performed beyond her expectations in cutting down on her weight.

    The legendary musician, Britney Spears is also reported to be using the HCG diet. This means that there could be dozens of celebrities out there who are also using the HCG diet only that they are yet to come out and declare it in public.

    HCG hormone diet is available in both drops put on the tongue and injection. The drops can easily be bought over the internet from various websites, but the injection can only be found in a registered hospitable.

    However most of the websites selling the HCG diet are not trustworthy. They sell fake diets that end up not working as the original. Some people have taken advantage of the effectiveness and high demand of the diet to con people off their hard earned money. They offer cheap diet plan and even do not provide a guarantee or contact information on their sites. Buyers are therefore advised to be on the lookout for such scams on most websites purporting to sell HCG diets.

    Buyers out looking for HCG diet plan are therefore cautioned to consult widely before buying from any unknown vendor especially over the internet. The HCG diet is available on drops over internet stores but the injection version of it must be acquired from a qualified physician. Since the HCG diet works by affecting the hormonal balance in the body it is always wise to use it under a doctor’s guide to avoid future complications.

    If you’re still unsure about this diet, check out this video which has more information:

  2. Simple Diet For Fat Loss

    October 4, 2011 by

    After I lost close to 50 pounds, I have been approached by numerous friends asking me how I did it.  When I told them the truth, they thought I was hiding something.  Well, the reality is that it is quite easy to lose fat from your body.  The hard part is keeping it off.  When you are finally able to lose fat, it is generally because you have changed alot about what you eat and also how you exercise.

    If you exercise only twice per week, then that is just not going to cut it.  You need to exercise at least 5 times per week in my experience.  During these 5 days, I would recommend you do at least 3 days of weight lifting, and 2 days of cardio.

    Now as for the purpose of this article, the diet plan, let me just give you a few basics.  I want to keep it simple.  First thing is you want to eat very small meals.  I know it sounds difficult but it is quite easy to do.  What I have found is it is best to prepare food ahead of time so you always have something to eat when you are hungry.

    For breakfast, stick to eggs and oatmeal.  There are alot of health benefits of oatmeal.  And yes, you an eat the yolks!  They are full of healthy fats.  For lunch, stick to salad with chicken.  The idea here is to keep is simple.  Yes, simple is sometimes boring.  But simple is what will allow you to lose weight.  This is a fact!

    For dinner, you again want to eat chicken but eat it with veggies like broccoli.  You can mix in rice and sweet potatoes as well.  And if you get tired of chicken, you can eat salmon as well.  Salmon has all types of awesome healthy fats that your body needs.  Don’t be afraid of fat, you just need the right kind of fat.  And goes for learning how to lose body fat as well as how to lose face fat.

    In between meals eat stuff like nuts, yogurt, and cottage cheese.  Yes, I know some of you think it’s gross.  But it works!

    Here is a video of a fitness guy who knows what he is doing.  If you want advice, take it from him.