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  1. Choosing a Mobile Phone Contract

    October 25, 2011 by

    I have just started looking for a new mobile phone as my old contract is expiring, and I am thinking of changing brands and network providers too.

    I have always been an avid BlackBerry user, but recently three things have lead me to look elsewhere:

    1) My friends Android phones

    A friend of mine recently got a Samsung Galaxy and all I can say is WOW! I had not realised how powerful some of the new apps for smart phones have become, and the reason for my lack of knowledge? BlackBerry apps are lagging behind. They tend to be expensive and there are fewer of them. For example, If you want an instant messaging app for BlackBerry all you can get is a trial version of an otherwise very expensive messager.

    2) Outages on BlackBerry Internet

    There is no excuse for this RIM! I actually pay more for this service than I would if I got a handset from another manufacturer, the reason being that BlackBerry force its customers to use BlackBerry Internet instead of the carriers own network. Now, I am paying more money for something that does not even work properly!

    3) My Network operates a “new customers only” policy

    I am changing my network as they will not offer me (a long time loyal customer) the same deals they offer to someone walking in off the street.

    I have to say I have found the whole process both frustrating and confusing, I read somewhere that there are as many as three million permutations of mobile phone deals currently available, which I guess is why comparison sites have become popular.
    At least for me, I knew what handset I wanted (I am going with the Samsung Galaxy S, a GREAT Android phone) and how many minutes I needed.

    Armed with that information its simply a case of finding the best deal. The site I used was (strangely enough) which lists huge numbers of deals in its database.

    There are lots of comparison sites you can use, but I liked that one as the search criteria were very specific. If you know what you want, then its a good site to use, though perhaps not so good if your requirements are a little “fuzzy”.

    Anyway, I will soon be the proud owner of a powerful new Android phone for less money than I am currently paying :).