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Travel to NYC on a Budget!

October 4, 2011 by

I have spent a good deal of time in New York, so just a quick post about traveling to NY on a budget. 

The easiest way by far to save some money while traveling is on the hotel.  And luckily, there are quite a few cheap hotels all over the New York area.  I’m just going to briefly touch on a few here…

Let’s start of in midtown, which is in the middle of New York City.  This is a great area to be staying, as it is surrounded by plenty of shopping, bars, and restaurants.  Take a look at the GEM hotel. It is very affordable.  Another good and cheap hotel is Hotel Carter.  This one is very close the the Public Library.

If you want to stay near Chinatown, you will find lots of great choices.  To begin with, take a look at Mayor Hotel.  Also of interest is the New World Hotel.  The nice thing about this area is you get the great culture of not only Chinatown, but also Little Italy as well.

Are you a Yankees fan?  If so, you could stay in the Bronx an be near the Bombers.  There is a Days Inn right at Yankee Stadium, so you can just get up and go right to your seats!

Back to the City…if you want to stay in SoHo, your girlfriend will be quite happy.  Well, you will be happy about saving some money on the hotel, and she will be happy about all the shopping in the area.  The Bowery’s Whitehouse Hotel is the place to be in Soho.

Have fun in your next trip!  And hopefully you save a few bucks!

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